Scalable Least Privilege

Axiom automates your least-privilege journey from just-in-time personalized access to customized approval workflows and full entitlement visibility.

Transform Your Cloud Access

Bolster security while boosting productivity

Optimal Access at Your Fingertips

  • Provide just-in-time personalized access in a self-service manner.
  • Use Slack or other collaboration tools to view and request access, notify reviewers, and automate provisioning and revocations.
  • Avoid guesswork by providing centralized permissions visibility.

Scale Authorization
at the Speed of Cloud

  • Make the best-informed approval decisions with context & recommendations.
  • Automate IAM operations to scale cloud access with granular approval workflows.
  • Use, customize, and build approval templates with our smart auto-suggestion engine.

See & Secure your IAM with Actionable Context

  • Control who can and should take what action on which assets or resources.
  • Continuously understand, evaluate, and remediate IAM risks.
  • Ensure you’re audit-ready with automatic reporting, provability capabilities, and enhanced governance reports.


Axiom seamlessly integrates with your IDP, Cloud, & SaaS

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