Put Cloud IAM Operations on Autopilot

Seamless and secure authorization experience to your Cloud and SaaS with Axiom

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Access to Better Access

Axiom offers Dev, Sec, and Ops teams an easy-to-use platform that automatically orchestrates Cloud and SaaS IAM operations, creating a unified, elastic, and secure authorization layer.

Become the enabler, not the blocker
Let users move fast while enhancing security

Scale Cloud Authorization Quickly with Confidence

Reduce time-consuming operational overhead for Security & IT teams with intelligent orchestration through workflow automation engine, with automated provisioning and context-enriched approvals.

Streamlined & Seamless Authorization Experience

Simplify and automate the process of requesting and approving just-in-time personalized access to apps and resources through self-service capabilities, tightly integrated with popular collaboration tools.

Analyze & Reduce Attack Surface and Blast Radius

Proactively ensure least-privilege and compliance through centralized entitlement management to understand, evaluate & remediate IAM risks.



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