Access Management Platform

Axiom is an Access Management Platform designed to streamline permission requests, approvals, and management for Cloud, SaaS, and Database. Our solution ensures that access remains secure, compliant, and agile in today’s fast-paced cloud and remote work landscape. The platform provides centralized entitlement visibility, self-service just-in-time access, automated or delegated grants, and streamlined user access reviews.


Self-service access request, tightly integrated with daily collaboration tools like Slack, Teams, Jira, and ServiceNow, allows end users to request access to various resources efficiently and securely without the need to go through a manual approval process, which can take a long time.


Automate or Delegate Access Grants

Automate the approval process for routine, low-risk access requests while delegating sensitive requests intelligently to resource owners for 1-click approval. Administrators can set up sophisticated automation rules that define which users or groups are eligible, which resources they can access, under what conditions, and which specific actions are to be executed automatically upon a request.


Centralized Entitlement Visibility

Monitor and control over-privileged access to see who has access to what across multiple environments. Axiom provides a panoramic view of access privileges within your organization. We simplify governance by allowing admins to identify and resolve access risks like overprovisioned permissions and potential privilege escalation. 

You can also easily navigate the complex landscape of users, groups, and resources with our graph and inventory views. We provide detailed oversight of all administrative actions in our system events and logs, providing a comprehensive audit trail to ensure compliance.


Automated User Access Reviews

Simplify your compliance and governance processes with a user-friendly platform designed to manage and orchestrate user access reviews for SOX, SOC-2, ISO, and HITRUST. 

By streamlining these crucial tasks, our solution not only enhances your access control but also saves valuable time for your Operations and Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) teams. With Axiom Security, you can ensure your organization meets stringent regulatory standards with efficiency and ease.

Rapid Deployment,
Trust at the Core.

SaaS or self-hosted deployment

Agentless, Rapid Deployment with native-API Integration

SOC 2 Type II

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