Automated Permissions Management Platform

Automate the Cloud & SaaS permissions lifecycle, request, grants, and management, for least privilege access workflows. Say goodbye to tedious grunt work and user friction.

Axiom Access Management

Bolstering Security while Boosting Productivity

Benefit from intelligent orchestration that combines automated provisioning and context-enriched approvals with automation and a self-service portal for end users

Automated Orchestration

Enable zero-touch approvals while putting guardrails on sensitive environments

Self-Serve Identity Request Portal

Instantly give users the just-in-time, right-sized permissions they need

Smart Risk Insights

Understand which permissions are increasing the attack surface and what should be done to mitigate them

Centralized Identity Observability

See and manage who has access where, across all systems, and what they can do with their permissions

Seamless Integration

Works with the tools you already have for easy, effective collaboration

Monitoring & Alerting

Axiom continuously learns normal behavioral patterns to better alert on anomalies and prevent malicious actions

Start instantly. Scale seamlessly. Save costs.

Seamless on-boarding and integrations, with no deployment required. All of our services are hosted in AWS.


You can self-host the data plane behind your own VPN and in your own VPC.

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