Our Story

Software may be eating the world, but there is something eating engineering productivity and posing growing cybersecurity risks for organizations: Identity and Access Management (IAM)

Two megatrends are colliding to change the way we work, the evolution of the Cloud, where infrastructure has become far more elastic and scalable than ever, and the evolution of the workforce, where continued adoption of a hybrid IT model has made identity the new perimeter. Axiom works at the intersection of those megatrends to enable a new era of productive security for everyone.

The sprawl of developer platforms across a multitude of clouds has created a meandering landscape. As a result, the IAM best practice of least privilege is nearly impossible to scale. Security and IT teams are forced to make critical access decisions without context and to manage provisioning with endless orchestration between users, groups, and permissions, often neglecting to correctly prune permissions when they are no longer needed.

Axiom aspires to transform cloud access, empowering Security and IT professionals to focus on IAM strategy and scale cloud access.

We do that by offering Dev, Sec, and Ops teams a user-friendly platform that automatically orchestrates Cloud and SaaS IAM operations to scale least privilege while minimizing operational overhead and user friction.

Investors and advisors

Srinath Kuruvadi
Head of infra security
Joni Musa
Director of Security at Relativity
Tyler Young
Slavik, Rishi, Dan & Guy
Nadir & Yevgeny
Ofer Smadari
Torq’s Co-founder & CEO
Iftach Ian Amit
Former CSO at Cimpress
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