About us

The missing part of enterprise security.

Three megatrends are colliding to change the way we work.
The evolution of the Cloud, where infrastructure has become far more elastic and scalable than ever.
The evolution of the workforce, where continued adoption of a hybrid IT model, has made identity the new perimeter.
The increasing sensitivity of data has raised security and compliance requirements.

The collision of these megatrends created a big concern in securing identity for modern enterprises.
Every company understands the need to manage permissions in the least privileged way to secure sensitive data access. Managing permissions in dynamic and complex Cloud and SaaS environments increases risk and slows the business down.

Axiom Security is an Identity security platform that helps organizations streamline their least privilege journey by discovering, remediating, provisioning, and automating permissions to Cloud-native environments. Combining CIEM, PAM, IGA, and ITDR into a centralized ISPM solution ensures that organizations remain secure, compliant, and agile in today’s rapidly evolving cloud and remote work landscape.

Investors and advisors

Srinath Kuruvadi
Head of infra security
Joni Musa
Director of Security at Relativity
Tyler Young
Slavik, Rishi, Dan & Guy
Nadir & Yevgeny
Ofer Smadari
Torq’s Co-founder & CEO
Iftach Ian Amit
Former CSO at Cimpress
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