Centralized Entitlement Visibility

Axiom helps Security and IT teams see & secure their IAM with actionable context.

Where IAM Visibility Falls Short

Compromised credentials are a leading attack vector in modern enterprises, putting resources and sensitive data at high risk. Ironically, security owners don’t have visibility or information about which users can take action on which resources. They don’t know which IAM issues are a threat to their organization. How can we expect them to protect what they can’t see? IAM visibility provides security and IT with the information they need to determine which permissions put the organization at risk, so they can revoke / disapprove them.

Axiom Gives Enterprises Essential Clarity and Visibility Into Granted Permissions

Axiom provides centralized identity observability so that security teams can easily see each identity’s entitlements and permissions across all platforms. With this information, they can make informed decisions about which action to take.

Your Eyes in the Cloud

Get the necessary visibility required to securely manage permissions and access granting.

Take Action Based on Information

Control who can take which action on which resources based on your security requirements. Rely on data, not your gut feeling.

Minimize IAM Risk

Understand, evaluate and remediate IAM risks, continuously, and based on data.
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