User Access Reviews

Reduce the time and effort you are investing in SOX, SOC2, ISO27001, and HIRUST user access reviews. Axiom lets you fast-track access reviews with automation.
Compliance teams need the ability to govern access reviews to ensure their organization is meeting all compliance regulations and frameworks. But this is a lengthy and manual process that is time-consuming and tedious.

Axiom Automates and Delegate Grants at Scale with Granular Approval Workflows

Organizations need a way to ensure permissions are granted/revoked promptly on-demand according to their specific requirements. Axiom provides a contextual, informative and automated platform for managing access approvals:

Axiom Automates Access Changes and Streamlines the Process

Accelerate Access Reviews

Govern access with an automated platform instead of manually modifying access levels.

Frictionless Processes

Automatically remove access or change access levels with a simple-to-use UI.

Enhanced Reporting Capabilities

Create access review reports that include all the information your auditors need.

Get Yourself Audit-Ready Effortlessly:
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