Automated On-call Access Provisioning

Automated On-call Access Provisioning

Protect Production. Axiom supports permissions provisioning for on-call engineers when they need it and only when they need it.

On-call rotations require agile and dynamic management of permissions. But excessive long-standing permissions puts your most valuable assets at risk: your production environment, your source code, and your development and testing environments.

Axiom Provides Seamless Access Management Tailored for On-Call Needs

JIT Access for On-Call Engineers

Give on-call developers and DevOps the access they need, when they need it.

Access Management, Simplified

Provide and revoke access at the click of a button, with no hassle. Leverage automated workflows when needed. 

No Operational Burden

Support all on-call needs with automation and a simple UI risk-free.

No more security and agility trade-offs.
Easily manage engineering permissions today.

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