Customized & Automated Approval Workflows

Manage access approvals at scale and at ease. Axiom lets you automate approval granting, revoking and delegation with granular approval workflows.

What are the Benefits of Customized and Automated Approval Flows?

Security-aware organizations attempt to manage permissions while adhering to the principle of least-privilege and zero trust. But continuous access management at scale creates massive operational overhead for security and IT teams. They struggle with the extensive (and expensive!) time and resources it takes to accurately and timely manage permissions, not to mention the tedious grunt work involved.
From the employee point of view, requesting permissions and waiting for them to be granted slows them down and causes friction and frustration, which impedes progress. These all have an adverse business impact, affecting the company’s ability to stay competitive.

Automating workflows according to the enterprise’s needs ensures permissions are granted in a timely manner. Approval automation drives productivity and allows for security that doesn’t come at the expense of the employees.

Axiom Automates and Delegate Grants at Scale with Granular Approval Workflows

Organizations need a way to ensure permissions are granted/revoked promptly on-demand according to their specific requirements. Axiom provides a contextual, informative and automated platform for managing access approvals:

Fully Automated, Zero-Touch

Give employees the access they need in seconds, rather than hours or days, through automated approval.

Axiom lets you build granular workflows for non-sensitive requests, freeing up your team while ensuring employee satisfaction. Workflows are built according to your security policies.

Add Reviewers When Needed

Route more sensitive requests or PAM requests to one or more reviewers for 1-click approval.

Axiom lets you delegate semi-automated grants to ensure the secure choice is always made.

The Right Decisions at the Right Time

Get context and recommendations to make decisions based on hard data and information.

Axiom enriches requests with the required information so you can choose the right course of action, immediately.

Need Help? Use Workflow Templates

Use and customize approval templates to easily build workflows faster, as granular as you need them.

Axiom provides a smart auto-suggestion engine because we know your time matters.

Auto-provisioned for Minimal Effort

Automate the orchestration and provisioning natively into each service.

Axiom lets you automate the workflows to free you up from the tedious and error-prone grunt work.

Your Security Needs, Automated:
Build Your Approval Workflows Today

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