Privileged Access Management (PAM)

Our Privilege Access Management (PAM) / Just-In-Time (JIT) Access system is designed to empower organizations with a dynamic and automated approach to permission management, addressing the challenges of legacy PAM systems and the modern, agile workforce.

The Challenge with Legacy PAM Solutions

Traditional PAM systems often lead to rigid and over-privileged access rights, posing significant security risks, compliance challenges, and inefficiencies. This outdated model is unsuitable for the agility and flexibility required in modern cloud environments and by modern workforces.

  1. Identity-Based vs. Network-Based Security
    On-prem PAM relies on network controls. In the cloud, it’s all about identity. Cloud PAM uses identity-based security to dynamically authorize users, ensuring secure, precise access.
  1. Modern Cloud Access Tools
    Traditional SSH brokers can be bottlenecks. Modern PAM should leverage cloud-native tools like AWS SSM, Azure Bastion, and GCP OS Login to offer secure, seamless access without exposed endpoints, enhancing security and reducing risks.
  1. Granularity and Dynamic Needs
    The cloud is dynamic, with resources scaling constantly. Cloud PAM must adapt with fine-grained, real-time access controls, giving users exactly what they need when they need it.
  1. Scalability and Automation
    Cloud-native PAM scales with your cloud footprint, using automated workflows to streamline provisioning, access reviews, and de-provisioning, minimizing errors and overhead.
  1. Rich Integrations and Great User Experience
    Integrating with modern tech stacks, such as on-call platforms, ZTNA solutions, and day-to-day collaboration tools, enhances security and efficiency. Real-time monitoring and anomaly detection keep you ahead of threats.

The Axiom Solution

Axiom’s PAM / JIT Access provides a flexible and secure solution, granting access to systems or resources precisely when needed and for a defined duration. This approach significantly reduces vulnerabilities associated with long-standing privileges and compromised credentials, safeguarding against data breaches and enhancing compliance.

Axiom’s Approach to JIT Access

  1. Dynamic Right-Sized Access
    Axiom’s platform allows for the granting of appropriate access levels at the necessary times, eliminating the risks associated with standing privileges and ensuring zero productivity sacrifice.
  1. User-Centric Integration
    The system seamlessly integrates into daily workflows with user-friendly self-service capabilities, compatible with collaboration tools like Slack, Teams, and CLI. This ensures that users can request and receive permissions efficiently and intuitively.
  1. Automated and Streamlined
    Axiom’s platform automates the access granting process, simplifying the user experience and removing the guesswork from request and approval flows.
  1. Security Without Compromise
    Our system allows for the definition of security policies based on compliance regulations and best practices while maintaining the flexibility to address complex permission requests.

Advanced Options for Efficient and Secure Access Management

  • Just-in-Time Access to Pre-Defined Roles – This option allows for time-limited access to predefined roles, enhancing security by reducing the duration of access privileges.
  • Crafting – Addressing the need for granular control in complex cloud environments, ‘Crafting’ offers a nuanced approach to role creation and permission allocation, focusing on resource-specific requests, dependency analysis, and just-in-time role assignment.
  • Access Packages – Streamlines access management by allowing users to request predefined packages, such as “Payment-App,” which includes a combination of resources like Okta Group, AWS S3, DynamoDB, and MongoDB Atlas, with a single click.

Key Benefits of Axiom’s JIT Provisioning

  • Enhanced Security: Reduces the risk of data breaches by limiting access only to the necessary duration.
  • Improved Compliance: Facilitates adherence to regulatory standards with time-bound and need-based access.
  • Increased Efficiency: Eliminates the overhead of managing static permission sets, thus supporting a dynamic workforce.
  • Scalability and Flexibility: Easily adapts to varying project sizes and complexity, ensuring that organizations can scale as needed.

Use Cases for JIT Access Provisioning

  • Project-Based Access: Ensures team members have necessary permissions for the duration of a project, then revokes access upon completion.
  • Temporary Access for External Users: Offers time-limited and role-specific access for contractors or freelancers, automatically expiring at contract end.
  • Emergency Access for Incident Response: Quickly provisions access rights in emergencies, ensuring rapid response with maintained security.
  • Compliance-Driven Access for Audits: Provides auditors temporary access to systems for compliance checks without compromising long-term security.
  • On-Demand Access for DevOps: Adapts to the fluctuating needs of DevOps teams, granting precise access for specific tasks and revoking it post-completion.

Setting a New Standard in Access Management

Axiom Security’s Just-in-Time access provisioning technology is a game-changer in cloud identity management. Blending technical innovation with practical efficiency, it establishes a new benchmark for secure, compliant, and agile access control in cloud environments. This system is not only a solution to current security and operational challenges but also a proactive approach to future-proofing organizations in an ever-evolving digital landscape.

Empower your organization with Axiom’s Just-In-Time Access – a system where security, compliance, and efficiency converge. Experience the future of identity security today.

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