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Sr. Product Manager

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Axiom in brief:
Axiom creates the most seamless and secure way to manage Cloud & SaaS permissions by empowering Security and IT teams with scalable least-privilege access, free of tedious grunt work and user friction.

The platform automatically orchestrates permissions with just-in-time right-sized access, customized approval workflows, and centralized entitlement visibility.

Axiom is growing and looking for a great Sr. Product Manager to join our startup journey.

We are a venture-backed cyber security startup. We are looking for a humble, passionate and talented (In this order exactly) Senior product manager to join the core team.
This is an amazing opportunity to work closely with the founders and be a part of a top talented team that is exactly like yourself: humble, passionate, and talented! that is capable of doing the same work others do in a third of the time, influence and help shape the vision of the product and the company.


  • You are great at conducting user and market research
  • You are a team player that understands that no great thing can be achieved alone
  • You have the passion, necessary skills, and knowledge to create, together with the founders, the product methodology, strategy, and roadmap
  • You are a lifelong learner that loves to give and receive feedback in a transparent culture
  • We don’t give much weight to indicators like years of experience or title. If you think you are a good fit, we want to hear from you

General indicators for a good fit:

  • You have been in a similar role in the past.
  • Owned product roadmap and strategy initiatives from idea to implementation
  • Have 4 or more years of experience as a product manager
  • You are already engaged in outbound initiatives like building communities, content creation, or mentoring
  • You are great at translating business use cases into detailed requirements for the R&D
  • You are an entrepreneur/explorer/builder in your mindset
  • Understanding Cloud infrastructure

Our Values

  • Care (Give a shit) - Empathize with customers. Take the time to understand their frustrations, needs, and desires.
  • Craft (Master it) - Own your craft and be effective. Never stop learning and improving, be data driven and work with KPIs and goals.
  • Team (Work together) - Teamwork makes the dream work. Fill gaps. There’s no such thing as “it’s not my job.”
    Initiative (Be resourceful) - Don’t wait for permission. Figure it out - or figure out who can.
  • Truth (Say it) - Be up front and candid. Say it like it is. Hold yourself and others accountable, share and receive feedback.
  • Fun (Have it) - Don’t take yourself too seriously - life is short.

Can’t find a position that’s just right for you?

Send us your CV and let’s see if it’s a fit!

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