4 Reasons Modern PAM is Required for Your Dynamic Cloud & SaaS Environments

As organizations transition to cloud-based infrastructures, it is essential to redefine their Privileged Access Management (PAM) and least privilege strategies. Legacy solutions designed for on-premises data centers and manual user access management fall short when it comes attempting to meet the demands of intricate and dynamic cloud environments. These traditional tools lack the granularity and flexibility required to manage the high volume of identities and resources the cloud has introduced, resulting in an error-prone process that puts organizations at high risk.

To address these new challenges, a cloud-ready PAM solution with automated and context-aware access controls becomes critical. In this article, we explore four key benefits of adopting a modern PAM solution purpose-built for the Cloud.

    1. Designed for the Cloud

The dynamic and elastic nature of the cloud has changed the way we manage and operate our infrastructure, platforms and network. A cloud-ready PAM platform accommodates this evolving infrastructure and network with cloud-native security controls and integrations with cloud providers, SaaS and databases. It also seamlessly integrates with existing IDP and IT platforms. This scalability and flexibility enable the creation and operation of centralized policy management and strict access controls that were built for the cloud, without giving up on previous technological investments.

Shifting legacy PAM products to the cloud might be tempting. But without changing the underlying architecture, they will not provide the same capabilities and will not meet the requirements of the cloud.

    1. Frictionless User Experience

The user experience is often a stumbling block for PAM and least privilege projects. A modern PAM solution enhances the speed and accuracy of access provisioning for the right users, granting appropriate privileges at the right time at a click of a button. Its quick deployment and self-service capabilities and its SaaS delivery model create a holistic identity security platform that is easy to set up and to use from anywhere. Tight integrations with existing team collaboration tools like Slack, Teams and Jira make it accessible, encourage adoption and lower the learning curve.

For example, Axiom’s platform combines productivity and security. This is achieved thanks to the creation of a friendly user experience based on automating permissions with Just-in-Time provisioning and  frictionless least privilege access workflows.

    1. Enhanced Operational Efficiency

Managing privileges in the cloud presents multiple new  challenges. These include decision making without context; managing provisioning with endless assignments between users, groups and permissions; and defining access policies, managing access lifecycles, revoking access, and auditing privileged access in complex Cloud and SaaS environments. Such challenges create operational friction and complexity, and ultimately, inefficiencies.

A modern PAM platform automates every step of the permissions lifecycle, from request to granting  and management, enabling centralized access control policy administration. It also provides users with a single UI that tightly integrates with their day-to-day collaboration tools, for accessing all managed resources. This empowers Security and IT teams to efficiently manage privileged access, optimize day-to-day operations, and respond effectively to time-critical instances like active cyber-attacks.

    1. Security and Compliance in the Cloud

Maintaining security and compliance across cloud and on-premise environments is paramount. A modern cloud-ready PAM solution enforces access policies consistently, mitigating security gaps. It provides just-in-time and just enough access to critical data, resources, and applications while offering end-to-end monitoring, reporting, and auditing capabilities. Meeting compliance requirements is further supported with detailed audit trails. By investing in a reliable and scalable PAM solution, organizations bolster their cyber defense strategy within a multi-layered approach to cloud security.

Next Steps for Organizations in the Cloud

In today’s cloud-centric landscape, adopting a modern PAM solution purpose-built for the Cloud is essential. Such a solution empowers organizations to streamline access management, enhance operational efficiency, ensure higher identity assurance, and strengthen security and compliance measures. As part of a comprehensive Cloud security strategy, investing in a Cloud-ready PAM solution delivers the necessary protection for your digital assets and enables secure and scalable growth.

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